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Monday, 26 February 2018


Some persons out there have their OTG  laying out there but are yet to knw the full functions of this little but almighty tool... Today I'll be putting you through on what you can use ur Otg for.. Without wasting much of your time, check them out below, 

First what Is the meaning of OTG :OTG is short for*On The Go. It is an important tool to create a link between your mobile phone and other computer peripherals such as USB flash drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Digital Camera, Game Pad, Card reader, External hard-drive etc. OTG can do some unimaginable things, so i have complied 7 important things which you can do with USB OTG Cable on your Android Devices.. Check them out below 

1.SHARE BATTERY CHARGE BETWEEN TWO ANDROID DEVICES:This is the most common feature, most persons are aware of this, but definitely not everyone out there knows this. All you need is a regular data/charger cable that you use to connect your smartphone to your PC and a standard USB OTG Host cable.*When you have everything ready, connect the USB data cable to one of the phones. Connect the USB OTG host cable to the other phone. And finally attach the two cables together. You will notice that the phone with smaller charge level has started to charge. The charging will continue until the batteries of both the phones has almost the same level of charge.

2.CONNECTION OF A USB KEY BOARD TO YOUR ANDROID DEVICE: When a USB keyboard is connected to your Android Device using a USB OTG cable, touch inside a text input area to begin using the keyboard.

The following applies when using a USB keyboard on your Android Device:

1. The on-screen keyboard is hidden when a physical keyboard is connected.

2. Some of the key combinations that perform actions on Windows computers also work on a tablet, in most apps. For example, you can Cut (Ctrl*+*X), Copy (Ctrl*+*C), and Paste (Ctrl*+*V) using your keyboard.

3.To find settings options for the physical keyboard, go to the*Settings*menu, touch*Language & input, and look in the*Physical keyboard*section.

3. CONNECTION OF A MOUSE TO YOUR ANDROID DEVICE : When a USB mouse is connected to your Android Device using a USB OTG cable, a mouse pointer appears on the screen. Click to select and open items on the screen.

The following applies when using a USB mouse on your Android Device:

1. The touch screen continues to function when a mouse is connected.

2. Right-clicking performs the same action as left-clicking.

3. To scroll up, down, left or right in a menu, use the mouse scroll wheel, or click and drag the screen in the direction you want to scroll.

4. To change the mouse pointer speed, go to the*Settings*menu, touch*Language & input, and then touch*Pointer speed. Move the slider left or right to achieve your desired pointer speed.

4.USB FLASH DRIVE TO YOUR ANDROID DEVICE: USB Flash drive is not meant for your computer alone, you can use it with your Android device as long as you have your OTG cable with you. It’s plug and play with no settings needed. Think about the possibilities: watching movies from your flash drive, moving files around, reading documents stored on USB Flash etc.

5. USING AN EXTERNAL GAME PAD : Gamers in the house know that playing with a game pad is why cooler compared to touch screen .With OTG cables ability to hook up controllers to our devices. If you have a tablet, you can try connecting your Gamepad with your device using your OTG cable.

6.CONNECTION OF MODEM WITH YOUR ANDROID DEVICE : Persons out there who have WiFi only tablets or without 3G support might find the need to use 3G Modem with their device to get something downloaded quickly when the broadband is too slow or down. This can be done using an Android app called PPP Widget. As the name suggests, it is a widget, not an app. The beautiful aspect Of this is that it's available on Google Play Store and it is free.

7.AWESOME FAST TRANSFERS BETWEEN TWO DEVICES: USB OTG, empowers USB devices like Android phones to act as a host and then allows other USB device to be attached to them. You can make direct connection between two Android phones/tablets and*transfer files between Android via USB OTG. By using USB OTG, Android phones plugged-in can communicate with each other without the need to be connected to a computer.

When it's come to transferring heavy files like game data and HD movies, using an OTG cable is the best way to get it done with a fastest way.

Hope this was interesting. If you have more functions ,feel free to drop them in the comment section below

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