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Why Most Bloggers Failed at Early Stage

We all know the internet is now full of blogs with so many bloggers trying to dominate the blogosphere, expecting luck to smile on them soon so that they too will become popular soon. It is very funny that the majority of these bloggers don’t even become what we can call a success and eventually abandon their blogs in a matter of months.

Only about 5% of blogs on the internet get 99% of search engine traffic.

That’s a very terrible stats if you ask me and no doubt why blogs fail.

If you don’t want your blog among the 70 or 80% of blogs that are categories as inactive or the ones that get less than 1,000 visits a month’s then you have to do more than what you’re currently doing. You have to step up your game, do something better and grow your blog’s value significantly.

If you continue doing what you’re doing currently, then you will always get the same result.

Most people who took to blogging want to create a popular profitable blog; at least, that was their initial expectation and b…

20 Things you Must Do to Stay Rich

It is always a dream for everybody to become financially successful. And sometimes some people become rich while others may fail. But difficult thing people fail to understand is that, to stay rich is even more harder than to become  rich. It is very common today to see someone who was financially buoyant before to become poor overnight.  Related article business that can make you rich in Nigeria Ask yourself, why is it so?  That is why I want to share this important article for you on how to stay richer. 

1. Start businesses. As soon as possible, the rich stop trading their time for money and rather find ways and businesses where they can hire people who do it for them. Not one of my clients has a job and is instead a multiple business owner. Owning your own business put you in a position of power, and keeps your time spent building assets not income.

2. Learn how to negotiate. ALL of them knew how to negotiate like a pro. This is not a task to be l…