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Monday, 1 May 2017

Top 5 High Profits Yield Business for Students in Nigeria

Nigeria is a great country with diverse and great economic and mineral resources. But despite the fact that the country is blessed both with human and natural resources, many of her citizens are still hungry and jobless. Ask yourself this question "What could be the causes"? Well I am not here to discuss the Nigeria unemployment rate, my major aim is to teach youths (students) on what to be doing to make living while still schooling. Below are the lists :


 The truth of the matter is that many online PONZI scheme are still working perfectly, but one need to be very careful when investing in any PONZI or HYIP. The money you spent recklessly on invaluable items could be saved and invest in it.


i. Invest what you can afford to lose 
ii. Invest especially when the PONZI site has started running new. 
iii. Always save your profit and don't discourage others from investing. 


Today many countries are facing food crisis, agriculture is no longer for farmers alone, anybody can start planting crops that can easily be grown in your area. As a student you don't need to leave your studies and start farming. All you need to do is to get the help of those farmers and consider your job done. With the help of  improved agro chemical you will surely have good harvest.

The kind of crops to farm as a youth 

i. Watermelon: The demand for watermelon has increased in recent years. What is amazing about watermelon farming is that it does require much labor to cultivate it. 
ii. Corn : corn farming is another crop that is of high demand in Nigeria. 
iii. Beans : with beans farming you will surely make huge profits because the demand and price are always high. 

3. Blogging :

As a student, you always have passion about some topic and you got the writing skills, so why not put it down in written so that the world we know about it. If you are interested in blogging read this how do start blogging and monetize it. There are several ways you can make good cash from blogging. Why not give it a try. 


Football betting is one of the fastest ways of making money in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, we love soccer with passion, why not take the advantage and make profits from football. It is true that it is a gambling but with a lot of experience and understanding of the game you will still make a good profit from it. PLS NOTE " don't play betting if you are below 18" and always stake what you could afford to lose. 

5. Bit coins :

Buying and selling electronics coins popularly known as BIT COINS is another venture that could fetch a lot of income in your comfort home. 
There are many popular websites like where you can buy bit coins and sell them back when the price increases either to your friends. Believe me bitcoins trading is a very profitable business you can ever imagine. 

There are still so many other things you as a youth and student of this country could start doing. I will always advise that you should always channel your potentials into any legitimate business opportunities. Surely unemployment and hunger will become a thing of the past in our country and world. Stop waiting for government to provide already made jobs. You too can be a boss of your own. 

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