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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

What A Lady Should Do To Get A Husband Quickly in Nigeria

Marriage is an essential institution to human survival. Women in particular cherish marriage since they have the biological role to raise children they have given birth to. Everyone needs at least one special person in their life; someone, who can be truly relied on when needed; someone who will accept love and will love in return; someone to enjoy sex with; someone who will be a helpmate in handling the daily social and economic responsibilities of a home; someone who can share life’s good times and can help endure the bad times; and possibly someone who will represent a good parent for the children. From all indication, marriage is the only human institution that guarantees all these.

As desirable as marriage is, it doesn't come as easy these days owing to social-economic factors that we are faced with. As a result, lots and lots of women who are ready and willing to get married find it difficult to get married because they cannot find a man to get married to. At 30,. 35 and even 40, many women are not married. Some don’t get married at all. It is not as if they want it so, but simply could not get a partner to get married to.
Don’t get the impression that marriage is “luck”. The people who get married in time are not just lucky people as so people are tempted to believe. It is a question of dreaming, planning and working towards your goals. If at all there is luck in getting married, the element of luck may be less than 5%. You need to aspire( dream), plan and work towards your goal of getting a life partner. You need to plan and strategize in order to get a desired marriage partner.

Your Mental Attitude to Marriage Matters a Lot
What we think, dream or believe in, has a way of happening to us. Many singles do not cultivate the right attitude towards marriage. From an early age, there are people who declare that they are not interested in marriage. They look at themselves and see the fun and freedom they have as singles and then declare that they can never get married and tied themselves down to one person.
Unfortunately, such declarations have a way of crystallizing and like chickens, they come back to roost later in the day. As such people get older and the need for marriage begin to dawn on them, they find it difficult to get a partner because they had more or less place a “curse” on themselves that they don’t want to get married.
If you’re still young and enjoying your life, please do not place “curse” on yourself that you are not interested in marriage you don’t want to marry. Make positive declarations about yourself and your future and you shall have a better life.
In other words, it is not too early to start preparing for marriage. One of the commonest mistake people make is the illusion that they will be young forever. At 18, most people think their youth will remain with them forever and marriage is the last of the things they should dream of or worry about
It is because most people these days don’t start to thing and plan for marriage early enough, that is why they end up with late marriages or end up with the wrong partners.
Positioning Yourself for Marriage

What exactly do we mean by “positioning” yourself for marriage? We are simply talking of those things you need to do to make it quicker and easier for you to get marriage partner. We are going to look at them one after the other.


You need education if you want a good husband. You don’t need to have a Ph.D, but a minimum of OND is ideal. No man wants an illiterate for a wife. Secondary school education is fast becoming too elementary. If you cannot get a university degree, at least get an OND or any professional qualification. Don’t drop out of school believing that a husband will come along and marry you. You must be lucky, but most likely he is not going to be the husband of your dream. There is hardly any well educated, enlightened and urbane man these days who wants to get married to a girl who could not complete secondary school.
  • A Job

Nowadays, having a job is a very vital asset for any man or woman to get married. In those days, men wanted women who were full time housewives. Today, they want ladies who are working and can support the man in running the home.
Ladies should note this. The days of marrying a liability are gone. You must get a job. If you are in the marriageable range and no man has proposed to you, you’re being jobless with no prospect of getting a job, could be the reason.
Try and get a job. It doesn't have to be a fantastic job; any job that will give you a steady income and make you dependent on yourself is okay. Men do not dread working class ladies. What they dread are career women. Those that are big time executives who earn fat incomes and are very independent. But when you have a simple job like a teaching job, or you’re a nurse, a secretary, etc, you are the ideal lady that men of nowadays want for marriage.
  • Attend a Church

If you are looking for a marriage partner, look in the direction of the church, if you are a Christian, the church in Nigeria today is more a place of social interaction than spiritual. It is not an accident that young people flock more to Pentecostal churches than orthodox ones. The desire to get an ideal marriage partner is one of the reasons.
Whether rightly or wrongly, people assume that ideal partners are available in the church, so when they want to get married, they get serious with church activities so that they can get a partner from the church.
It is not a bad idea if you do the same. Some of the churches have fellowship for singles, which are basically matchmaking/introduction groups based on “Bible Principles” as they say.
  • Be Outgoing

Your chance of getting an ideal partner is boosted if you are an outgoing person. The more places you go to, the better your chances of meeting people. If you are an introvert who stays indoors most of the time, you will miss opportunities of meeting ideal marriage partners.
Going out does not mean perambulating, but going out to ideal places where one is positioned to meet possible partners. You can go to the library to read for example instead of reading at home. The library is one good place you can meet reasonable people. You can visit the museum, the stadium, supermarket, the zoo etc. You need to expose yourself really to double your chances.
Some ladies go to work from morning till evening when close and go back home. This happens all through the week and on Sunday, they go to church and come return home to sleep. Apparently, this is not good enough if you are seriously looking for a husband. Your chances are brightened if you interact more with people by going out on social outings.
  • Dressing

When it comes to a stage when you think the time of marriage has come, you have to mind what you wear. Your miniskirt should no longer be as short as used to be. Exposing your boobs should be out of it at this stage.
Beware of what you wear. If you dress in revealing way, men will come after you no doubt, but they won’t take you serious. No marriage-minded man would come for you. You will only attract playboys and women users, who are only intent on having fun with you and dumping you.
  • You Appearance Matters

Closely related to dressing is your total appearance. Dressing is only a part of appearance. The way you are in totality is something that should concern you as an individual because it is going to make or mar your chances of getting a marriage partner. Once you are known to dress sluttishly and the reputation of being a lousy dresser, sticks you are doomed in that neighborhood. No serious man would want to marry you.
It is very important that every lady aspiring to get a husband should maintain an average body weight. Go to the gym and shed some weight if you are fat. If you are skinny, you can put some weight to bring you to “average range”.
You need enough rest and sleep then more importantly, eat well and enough. That will surely add some weight to your body.
  • Speak up

If you always wonder why some apparently “bad girls” get married before the good ones, please stop wondering. The “bad girl” is bold and acts without inhibition. The “good girl” on the other hand thinks it is “bad” “unladylike” or even immoral for a lady to open up a conversation with a man you fancy. Now, here what you should do. If you meet a man that you admire, and your instincts assured you that he is ideal for you, then try and draw his attention to you through a conversation.
Don’t be shy, walk up to him and ask a question. You can ask him for a direction to a particular place, if you are at an art gallery for instance; ask him of his opinion on a piece of artwork. When in an electronics store, ask something like this: “Have you heard anything about this product? I’m thinking of buying it.” If the person is holding a book, a magazine or newspaper, show some interest in it. Ask or make a comment on the cover. In short, wherever you are, in whatever situation, if you think creatively, you will get the right question to ask to start a conversation. If nothing comes up to your head, you can ask the person to tell you what the time is. You can pretend as if your time piece has stopped and you want to find out the time to reset it. Surprise your Partner with a Gift from Time to Time
It is true that when you try to ask some people a question, they are instantly unfriendly or might even ignore you. Nevertheless, don’t give up and withdraw into your shell if one man behaves that way. Learn to accept rejection as part of the game of dating. The moment you will master the act of starting conversations with men, you will not find it difficult to get dates and potential marriage partners. In fact, some men could not want to let go once you walked up to them to ask one question or the other that opens up a conversation between the two of you.
  • Show Concern to Others

Apart from the ability to walk up to people and start a conversation, you should possess the ability to listen and show genuine interest in what others have to say about themselves. Ladies in particular should have this at the back of their mind. Try to listen when a man speaks to you and try to figure out what are his problems and then after some on the spot practical solutions. Once you impress a man with your problem-solving techniques, he would want to have you for keeps.
It would be necessary to illustrate what we are saying here with real-life story. It is the story of Oscar, a successful sales representative of a small company. The other story is that of a Vice President of a company and a call girl.
First of all, let’s listen to Oscar: “Women have a harder time in business than men do. Very early, I had to figure out how to get an advantage. Actually, I found out it was amazingly easy.
“When I go into a man’s or even a woman’s office for the first time, I quickly look around and play a little game of detective.
The office will tell me a lot about the person. Are there lots of plants around? Are there pictures of family, children, or even parents? What kind of books are on the shelf? Often in books I find evidence of favourite hobbies or past times.
“Starting a conversation becomes a lot easier when you have some background information about the person. Once you have warmed yourself into the person’s heart through such a conversation, selling your product becomes a lot easier.
“I actually met my husband while on the field as usual, selling my company’s product.
“He was, and still is a general manager of big company with headquarters in Lagos. I remember vividly when I first met him. It was no easy task trying to get past his subordinates to see him; but I met with him at last.
“In his office, I spied a small photo of his two kids under the glass on his desk; no wife, just a teenage son and a daughter. That told me that either he was divorced, a widower, or not in love with the woman who gave him those kids. Since there was little else in the office to give me clues about the man, I nodded toward the photo as I sat down and said: “Your son looks so much like you”

“He seemed startled that I had noticed the small photo. He started talking about how his son was taking after him every way and how proud he was to have him.
“With the ice-broken, he went into a 15 minute conversation on how he as a single parent had been careful to raise both of his children to make their own decisions. His pride in his children showed, and all I had to do was to make sure my verbal responses and try body language showed that I was genuinely interested. Then he started talking about his daughter.

“Twenty minutes later, his secretary buzzed that his next appointment was waiting. He told him that he would be while longer. Fifteen minutes later, we got around to why I was there. By that time, I had the feeling that he saw me as almost as an old friend. I sort of got feeling that the man, as important as he was, never really had an opportunity to talk to anyone about such things as his children.
“That was the beginning of our relationship. He saw me as someone who has a listening ear and kind of woman he wants for a wife. His ex-wife and mother of his kids actually gave him a lot of stress before they divorced while still in South Africa.
“I saw in him qualities that I need in a man when he proposed at last, I didn't hesitate to say yes to him.”
Put out the Word
If you know you have reached a marriage age and you want to get married, one thing you can do is tell others about it. There is no need pretending. If you need a decent person to go out with, say it. Let your friends know what you want. If your friends are close and good friends, they should know what type of person would suit you.
Many marriages have been contracted through friends introducing their friends to other friends. Don’t underrate this method. Your friends may not know how desperately you need a marriage partner. But once you tell them, they will be focused on the issue, in a matter of time, one or two person they know somewhere, will come to their mind and they will make the introduction.
One good thing about this method is that people will introduce to you someone they can vouch for. They know very well that they will be held responsible by you if the relationship fails to succeeds, so they will take their time to recommend someone to you.
Ironically, while men use this method a lot, women are reluctant to tell anybody that they are in need of a marriage partner. Obviously, they feel it cheapens their personality to tell someone that they are looking for a life partner.

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