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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Collecting money from stingy guy Is like throwing your hook into an ocean of one fish. if you do it right, you could turn that stingy boyfriend or guy into a money printing press. The questions the ladies will be asking now is how do you make it happen; that is turning a stingy guy into your own personal ATM machine? Believe me, millions of ladies have been pondering over these. The answer is not easy but there is an answer all the same; a solution to the problem. Come to think of it, if all guys suddenly become stingy tomorrow, the women folk will be in some serious poo.

How will they come up with the money for those crazy hairdos; artificial fingers, nose surgeries and those expensive designer handbags and wears?
Many ladies would thank me for this write up and if you still find a guy extremely stingy, it means he's stingy guy at PhD level. 

I am a guy, and personally, i am not stingy by any means. I will always pay for my dates meals, i will buy her things when i can afford it, and i try and keep her happy as much as i can. I don't really like stingy dudes. I think it shows a lack of moral decency. 

                 SO HERE COMES THE TRICKS :

1.Let him know you have needs -

You might be surprised that the guy may feel you don’t have financial needs especially if you are a working class lady. You ought to let him know that
despite that you earn some money, you still do have some needs to take care of; and you being his baby, you are
depending on him to cater for some of those needs. There is nowhere else to go; unless he wants you to depend on
your admirers. Please, do not make it sound like a threat but say it in a joking manner.

2. Call your uncle or toasters in his presence to send you money -

All dudes know that no matter how much their women love them; they are still going to have other admirers around the corner. One way to put the stingy guy in the right perspective is to make demands from one of your staunch admirers in his presence. This will make him red with jealousy and probably ignite his anger. Calmly apologize and explain that you only did it because you were low on cash.

3. Teach him to spend by buying him simple gifts - 

The best way to teach someone
something is by example. Every once in a while, do buy him a sentimental but simple gift. He will have no choice other than to reciprocate. Before then, you must have carried out 1 or 2 of the steps above.

4. Make your love making special anytime he buys an expensive gift. 

What better way to turn him than under the sheets. Make your bleeping special & unforgettable anytime he buys you an expensive gift. Give him a head like never before or perhaps a good massage. Just use your head. If after everything your guy still remains stingy, then it’s time to let the stingy guy at PhD level go his way.

25 ways to  spot a stingy  Boyfriend :

Recently I have heard some disastrous dating stories from my single friends. It made me think of what really repulses me most in a man and I have to admit being stingy would be one of the worst characteristics. So I came up with my own check list on how to spot a Stingy Man.

1. He won't take you out saying he prefers to just chill out at his place or yours watching movies. You always end up cooking and buying the wine.

2. He still lives with his parents, or after the divorce moved back home and has no near future plans to move out.

3. He owns a 20 year old car in pristine condition with low kms that lives in the garage. He didn't lose his licence and he walks everywhere. Which means he rarely goes far from home.

4. If you go out, he forgets his wallet more than once or he always says "Let's go dutch", often you end up paying the bill as he cries broke.

5. He gives gifts that were gifts to him or freebies he received buying other items in bulk.

6. He owns a collection of discount vouchers you never realized existed and proudly shows them off.

7. He earns 4 times as much as you but when you give into going on a holiday he emails you a spreadsheet sharing costs right down the line for accommodation, airfares, transfers, dining out, flights, car hire -even measuring the kms it will take to drive on the map to destinations, multiplied by the cost of petrol. The total cost to you halved to the nearest cent.

8. If he takes you out anywhere he will snap the calculator out of his pocket and work out the bill for everyone, even in a taxi.

9. He will drive an extra 2 kms to use a discounted petrol voucher not thinking about the petrol he just consumed in getting there.

10. If dining out he always uses a 'buy one get one free meal voucher'. He will also complain about the food hoping for a free meal or further discount.

11. He thinks flowers are a waste of money. For Valentines Day he might give in and buy a cheap bunch a few days prior to the actual day. Offering you a wilted bunch that die shortly after you receive them.

12. He doesn't work, doesn't want to work. Or he will say he is an independent consultant which basically is the same as being unemployed. If he works, he invests his money in shares and is often caught constantly checking their value.

13. He lives on welfare/government grants, unfairly claiming some ridiculous percentage of indigenous lineage to get freebies. When everyone knows he is as indigenous as you are an Eskimo.

14. He won't use the air con or heater in the car or at home. He has to pull the blanket off his bed if you keep complaining.

15. He uses candles to light his home. At first you thought he was being romantic but when he panics at your turning the lights on you know the real reason.

16. He turns off all the electrical switches in the house and pulls all the devices plugs out of their sockets.

17. He labels the linen cupboard shelving eg. Pillowslips, Bottom Sheets, Top Sheets, Towels, Tea Towels, all in terrifying order.

18. He uses an office bull clip on the toothpaste tube to squeeze out the last drop and he will then cut the end off an scrap it out clean.

19. He will talks constantly about money but you rarely see or hear about him spending it.

20. He wears out of date, faded and fraying clothes.

21. He is boring as he has no hobbies as that might cost money.

22. He never had children as he quotes 'Children cost too much'.

23. He eats all three meals a day at home or takes a sandwich to work. In his free time he plays games on the internet and enters competitions to win things.

24. He has an internet dating profile but will arrange to meet them at the park. He will have a bottle of beer for himself in his pocket. Nothing for you.

25. He is 55 years old and still single.

Feel free to add your own based on your experience.

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