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It is obviously that many people today want to start blogging without having any solid foundation on ground. Many self acclaimed bloggers today does not even know what is  NICHE.   Today I am not only going to teach you how to choose a perfect niche that will attract a lot of traffic to your blog but I will first try to define all you need to know about niche. You can also read secret on how to increase your blog traffic.
What is NICHE? 
In simple terms, a niche is a part, a category, a section of an entire whole, you might have been lucky to study " ecological Niche" in your secondary school days, its same thing, but in this case we are discussing the blogging niche . This has been the failures of most Nigerian bloggers, today you write about politics, tomorrow you write about sports, and a day after you say "entertainment is the way !!" , hello, dude, are you a niche prostitute ?, congrats, by the end of this lecture you will be able to choose a perfect niche fo…

What you should do, if you mistakenly swallowed fuel.

Nigerians O Nigerians,my ever unique and mysterious people.Drop that hose you about to suck from and read this .
Though this is not common to only Nigerians ,we do it a lot ,even in situations that does not warrant it.So what if you mistakenly swallow fuel,what should you do ?.
Before I get into this ,know that swallowing fuel can cause various things including loss of vision.
Lets get right in !
1.Be Calm..  When this happens be calm , don’t panic unnecessarily .Just be calm and go to where there is fresh air and take deep calm breaths.
2. Don’t Try To Induce Vomiting.  Induced or forced vomiting can actually do more harm than good as they can cause harm to the lungs ,so don’t try to induce vomiting .
3.Take Water.  Drink enough clean water ,don’t rush ,just do it calmly.Some doctors advice you should take juice.I would not advice Nigerians to take juice or any other beverage due to the recent confusion on drinks we should take and shouldn’t .One of them starts with “F” and another r…

10 Things You Should stop Wasting Your Time Doing

Life is short, so fill it with the things that you enjoy and things that really matters mainly those that will yield positive results.

1) Stop wasting your time watching rubbish on TV. How many times have you sat through an entire TV programme and then ended up complaining about how awful it was? This experience is too common not to learn from. Be proactive. Switch off the TV when a programme is boring and put that time to use for something more productive.
2) Putting on your makeup before you go to the gym. Makes no sense. Because you are only going to get hot and sweaty when you work out and the makeup is going to wear off and spread haphazardly, making you look horrible and feel uncomfortable. So, really, why bother putting it on in the first place? Give makeup a miss and you’ll be surprised how much time you’ll save. Besides, ultimately, no one will notice anyway - it’s a gym, remember?
3) Worrying about what other people think. A useful tip on how to stop wasting time and become…

Fastest Trick To Get Your Blog Approved By Google Adsense

Each and every people in the world wants to monetize their precious time with the help of various resources either offline or online. If we talk about making money online then not a single person deny the fact that Google AdSense program is one of the best resource for earning handsome money from your Blogs, Websites, Mobile sites, Games, YouTube Videos and site search results etc.
Did you know? It was June 18, 2003 when Google launched advertising monetization program named Google AdSense which has now grown to include over 2 million publishers (including me) who earned more than $7 billion from AdSense in the year, 2012 alone. Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks to monetize a website or a blog. It is 90% better than any other CPC advertising programs . It offers the publishers the highest CTR for every web page. The publishers could make lots of revenue daily from Google Adsense . Every new webmaster has a dream to monetize his website with this ad network. But unfortunate…


A friend of mine in Abuja Nigeria who is into App development businesses once told me toward the end of last year that he was repositioning and realigning himself to take full advantage of the “CHANGE” in the Nigerian economy and political system.I thought he was joking, but last week, (first week of January 2017), this guy was getting ready to employ 6 staff and rent a bigger office space for his Application development businessThis made us to start asking the question: Why are some people making billions while most people are busy lamenting how bad the economy is, the recession, the change. The result : .he answers we got from many interviews shows that a good businessman or entrepreneur must always understand the business climate, and be able to make predictions in order to remain relevant. Business climate can change rapidly bringing good and bad result to different entrepreneurs depending on their ability to adjust to the changing climate and take full advantage of it, and as a …


Collecting money from stingy guy Is like throwing your hook into an ocean of one fish. if you do it right, you could turn that stingy boyfriend or guy into a money printing press. The questions the ladies will be asking now is how do you make it happen; that is turning a stingy guy into your own personal ATM machine? Believe me, millions of ladies have been pondering over these. The answer is not easy but there is an answer all the same; a solution to the problem. Come to think of it, if all guys suddenly become stingy tomorrow, the women folk will be in some serious poo.
How will they come up with the money for those crazy hairdos; artificial fingers, nose surgeries and those expensive designer handbags and wears?
Many ladies would thank me for this write up and if you still find a guy extremely stingy, it means he's stingy guy at PhD level. 
I am a guy, and personally, i am not stingy by any means. I will always pay for my dates meals, i will buy her things when i can afford it, a…

How to promote your blog and increase your blog traffic

Blog promotion and Traffic is a major game in the blogging and affiliate marketing. If no traffic, no money. This is the biggest issue of every new blogger.
They do not know how to get traffic and where to get it. This is hard to complete. Still now more than 300 million blogs are running on the internet.
No matter about your blog age. You must focus on few aspects to get huge traffic and ranking. Here I listed major places to promote your blog and blog posts.  These are the few things you need to do in order to promote your blog  A    Social Media is a source to promote your blog  1. FACEBOOK Social media is the biggest source of target users. Still now more than 2 billion users are present on the major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These are the best places to promote your blog.

Facebook Groups Create one Facebook group with your blog name. Interact with your group members personally.

Write the tips and helpful info for your group members to …

Easiest way to become rich in your youthful age

The truth about wealth is that no human was ever born with money, we becomes rich when will do what others has neglectedBuilding wealth can be one of the most exciting and rewarding undertakings in a person's life. Aside from providing a more comfortable day-to-day experience, a substantial net worth can reduce stress and anxiety as it frees you from worrying about putting food on the table or being able to pay your bills. For some, that alone is enough motivation to start the financial journey. For others, it's more like a game; the passion beginning when they receive their first dividend check from a stock they own , interest deposit from a bond they acquired , or rent check from a tenant living in their property.
While the thousands of articles I've written over the years are geared to helping you learn how to become wealthy, I wanted focus on the philosophical aspect of the task by sharing with you five truths that can help you better understand the nature of the chall…


The truth is that MMM NIGERIA has began paying 2016 Mavro, it is unfortunate that many Nigerians are wailling and did grab this opportunity to get their money which was freezed in MMM.     In this report  I am going to teach you the two secret ways to get your money out of mmm. All you need to do is to follow my advice and trust me you will smile very soon. OPTION 1 (fastest way) The first top first secret on how to get part of your money back from mmm Nigeria is that many us did not know that mmm has fixed time which if you are lucky and quick enough you will surely GH. Below are nmnm GH timesGh time for 2016 mavro is
For those complaining they were unable to GH @ 1 :am

This is d guide again

Login to your po by 12:50pm to beat d traffic.

Once you login ,play around ur po...


Click on your GETHELP....

Click on next.

Once u are on d page shown above with 0 mavro.

Dont worry,be on the page @ exactly 12:59,refresh your browser very fast.

The 32k wil…


Do you want to learn how to create blogger blog and rank it on google search engine? Search engine or organic traffic is the best form of visits to your site because they are people who need the information on your blog. There are two major factors in ranking your blog on the search engine they are On-page SEO techniques and external optimization SEO techniques.
On-page SEO optimization has to do with how you optimize your blog internally like site robot.txt file, sitemaps, submit blog to search and interlinking blog external optimization are links you get from other websites or blog outside of your blog it’s usually called backlinks is a major factor for ranking your blog.
in this post, we will focus on optimizing our blog post internally to get organic or search engine traffic.

THESE ARE NINE (9) TIPS ON HOW TO CREATE BLOGGER BLOG AND RANK IT ON GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE Tips #1 on how to create blog with  Creating a blog with blogpot is very easy and its free you only need…

What A Lady Should Do To Get A Husband Quickly in Nigeria

Marriage is an essential institution to human survival. Women in particular cherish marriage since they have the biological role to raise children they have given birth to. Everyone needs at least one special person in their life; someone, who can be truly relied on when needed; someone who will accept love and will love in return; someone to enjoy sex with; someone who will be a helpmate in handling the daily social and economic responsibilities of a home; someone who can share life’s good times and can help endure the bad times; and possibly someone who will represent a good parent for the children. From all indication, marriage is the only human institution that guarantees all these.
As desirable as marriage is, it doesn't come as easy these days owing to social-economic factors that we are faced with. As a result, lots and lots of women who are ready and willing to get married find it difficult to get married because they cannot find a man to get married to. At 30,. 35 and ev…

Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby On The Lips

THE LIFE TOTALLY GROWS WHEN YOU BECOME A PARENT. VARIOUS THINGS BECOME SERIOUS SUCH AS YOUR BABY’S HEALTH AND ITS OVERALL WELL-BEING. Some may believe that you are becoming overprotective, but in most circumstances, this is not true as everybody should take proper supervision of their children.
However, this is not the case with other people, for instance, visiting friends bring along their children who already have diseases. Other cases are when there are children in the park with a cough and stuffy nose, and while playing with your kid they affect yours as well. Then many cases when irresponsible parents bring their children to a birthday party, but their own children had already had a stomach virus.

It may sound absurd, but certainly, we have to be conscious of what our children contact and play. Because due to germs and viruses, that are everywhere around us, we might get stuck at home taking care our sick children, and at the end, as eventually always happens, become sick as well.